About Us

Lekkersharp Online Store

Welcome to Lekkersharp Online Store, the place to find the best products for every taste and occasion. We thoroughly check the quality of our goods, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product.

Lekkersharp Quality Products

Lekkersharp Online Store believes in high quality and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship them to you.

The Lekkersharp Team

Everyday our team delivers interesting and appealing products therefore creating splendid opportunities for our customers. Everyone enjoys their job and contributes to our collective success. We have 24/7 professional and personal support.

Felicity Daniels

Felicity Daniels Shop Manager

Anna Bosch

Anna Bosch Client Care

Sunil Chetty

Sunil Chetty Tech Support

Zethu Mhlaba

Zethu Mhlaba Delivery Support

Wayne Davids

Wayne Davids Sales Support

What we really do?

At Lekkersharp Online Store, our customer service teams are here to help you with much more than just placing an order.

Our customer service teams understand the power of our products, software and services and can offer the right solutions for your you.

And if you want to talk to your onsite account manager or have a specific technical question, then our customer service team can help you with that as well.

Just contact us via phone call, email or fax. You can also chat with us online through our Online Chat System or ask for a call back.

Our Vision and Mission

Lekkersharp Online Store has envisioned a branded global eCommerce ecosystem, where consumers around the globe can shop directly with their favorite brands and enjoy a shopping experience that makes them feel right at home.

To make our vision a reality, our mission is to build the most powerful global eCommerce platform in the world. No matter where the shopper is located, if a brand is based in another country, the shopper’s experience can still feel local and familiar. From pricing to payments, shipping to returns, we use our technology to bring brands and shoppers closer together, making the world feel like a smaller place.

Who is Lekkersharp?

Lekkersharp Online Store is a privately owned company headquartered in Durban, South Africa, powered by Dotcom Africa (Pty) Ltd. with offices around the SADC region. We are an eCommerce company that provides a technology platform to brands and retailers that wish to sell online into global markets. Our platform makes brands’ websites feel local to international shoppers, and makes it easier for them to complete their purchase, moving seamlessly through the buyer journey, from checkout to returns.

Work at Lekkersharp!

More than 250 highly skilled specialists work in our business, spanning the eCommerce value chain across areas such as Technology, Product, Operations, Finance and more. We understand what drives international shopper behavior and provide the expertise to help you generate maximum growth for your global eCommerce initiatives. If you are passionate about making a difference in the eCommerce space, and are interested in joining us, please Contact us for any open roles. Happy shopping everyone!

What can we do for you ?

Delivering outstanding customer experiences across multiple global markets is exceptionally complex, with many moving parts, and much more than meets the eye. We take away the burden of resourcing technology and logistics departments, managing multiple vendors and integrations, optimising multiple webstores, managing inventory pools and much, much more.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Protecting your brand is our promise to you, it’s at the heart of our solution. To do that, we’ve built the most technologically and operationally robust solution in global eCommerce.

Our shared success model means we have skin in the game. We grow by helping you grow – profitably. Every element of our solutions has been designed to create faster ROI. By providing both exceptional customer and retailer experiences, supported by an unrivalled infrastructure, expertise, and set of tools, we’ve created the perfect environment to maximize global eCommerce profits.

The best brands in the world trust Lekkersharp Online Store to deliver global success for them. We’d like to play a part in your success story too. We offer fast and efficient delivery times.

Can you imagine a leading e-commerce company whose core principle is “to live and deliver WOW”? Lekkersharp Online Store is exactly that company. We have grown to be a leader in online store and apparel sales with our obsessive customer devotion.

We are willing to spend any amount of time on the phone to serve and to bond with a customer.

A customer service representative will do anything — even spend Lekkersharp Online Store’s money — to “wow” customers.

Even it means flying to a customer’s home to return jewelry that got shipped to the company by accident!

Being a customer-centric company means more than just offering good customer service.

The best customer-centric companies not only put their customers first – they design products and services to meet the customers’ needs, and create seamless experiences across the board.

Naturally, a lot of brands shout about being customer-focused, but which ones are practicing what they preach? At Lekkersharp Online Store, we put you first! We’ll help you Seek. Find. Deliver.